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Christina Gjesvold

Independent Social Worker and Psychiatric Consultant, Christina Gjesvold is a fierce leader in spiritual self-discovery. With a Bachelors in Theology from Faith Christian College, Christina has been active in ministry since 2015. 


Since the beginning, she and her husband have been passionate pillars in couple’s ministry. Christina’s heart is in discipleship, and she loves to learn and teach.


More recently, she has taught at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington where she was raised. She uses her story of conquering divorce, addiction, obesity, parenthood, and more, to spiritually lead others into their own victories.


Despite the challenges, she has accomplished the impossible.  ​​​​

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"The scariest part is I didn't know I was dying inside. My life kept getting blown down and I kept moving along, clueless. I was trapped in my worst nightmare with no awareness of it..."

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