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A young woman shared her message about what she's received from God through the book.

Growing up I had a lot of trauma never really feeling safe or anywhere to belong being in survival mode since I can remember. While reading the seven promises on page 16 it states the problems felt overwhelmingly impossible to change. I was numb and buried my head in the sand attempting to guard my heart and avoid the Predators hoping they wouldn't find me, however I was My Own Worst Predator after a while having an immovable heart causing destruction within. I lived most of my life that way and didn't even know it. This book is helping me uncover root issues and giving me understanding, so I can allow God into those places of my soul. So I can heal and then fill those places with the holy spirit.

We are grateful to learn how God is moving in her life. We love to hear how He is moving in yours as you read The Seven Promises.

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